Emma's Child Audition Info

Auditions will be on Monday, December 14th at 4:00 

Please fill out the AUDITION FORM

Please Click Here to enter the TEAMS Lobby. Be patient.  We will take auditions on a first come, first served basis as best we can.


Please prepare one of the two monologues below for the auditions.


E-mail Ferman at jeremyferman@misdmail.org for a perusal copy of the script. 

Audition Monologues

HENRY: My best judgment is that you have no idea what you're doing. If Robin survives, he'll languish his whole life, and I will watch you struggle to fulfill some kind of promise that no one in the world expects you to keep: not me, not our family, not our friends, not the agency, not even Emma. If he dies, we'll have another round of misery like we've had for the last month. And Jean? I don't know how you imagine you are capable to taking it. Even if you can take it, and believe me, I'm not thinking of you at the moment, I can't take it! Although you don't remember, I'm part of this. I'm the one who picks up the pieces. I'm the one who held you, and heard you. and fed you, and coaxed you to bed for nights on end.. You've asked for my blessing? Well, you can't have it. You can't have it.


JEAN. Once, do you remember - when I was going through all the surgeries and invitros, when I was exhausted, and we didn't know where else to look for money or support, in an attempt to comfort me, you said, Franny, and I quote, "If you think the journey has been difficult for you, think what it must be like for the child who is trying to get to you.'' It was so New Age, I laughed when you said it. I look at Robin and see evidence of a harrowing jour­ney. In sixteen years of doing everything I can think of to bring a child into my life, this child is the one I've been given. And to my surprise, he is better than anything I ever dreamt. I know you think that's crazy, and so does Henry. Because you won't look, and if you don't look, you won't get it. You're afraid of Robin be­cause you think he is "his problem." If you come with me, you will see past the deformity, I assure you, to the tremendous person he has had to become in one short month. I am so certain of this, that if you still don't get it, after you've spent one morning with him, I'll walk out of here, away from him for the last time, without one backward glance. 

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